Our Craft



We develop our models always following strictest production standards. 
The making process starts from a draft of the initial idea written by hand and then developed with a 3D design software. 
The model is then printed to create the first prototype. 
In final phase, changes are made to obtain the definitive version of the model, often rebuilding various prototypes, before reaching our desired product.


We select the best leathers and materials sold on the Italian market,to offer a product of the highest quality, 
resistant and long lasting. 
 Our suppliers follow international standardsand we can provide certificates of origin and technical specifications of leathers to our customers,if requested.


Our fashion world adventure was born in Italy, 
so Italian style is part of our dna. 
 More than twenty years since we have started working in the leather manufacturing. 
 Today we are proud to grow up our project 
and export Made in Italy all over the world.